What does detoxify and cleanse really mean?

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To retreat is to take time out from the world, to cleanse and exercise the body and to quiet the mind and to come to rest in our essential nature.

Your body is your temple and as such we have developed this retreat to help you awaken your consciousness and transform your relationship with your body, mind and heart.  The food we eat plays an important role in loving and respecting ourselves by nourishing us at the cellular level.  First, we must detoxify the body from environmental, emotional and physical toxins, then reactivate your energy through the chakras in order for you to shine.  

Fasting to access the deeper self

Fasting has long been practiced by so many who have come before us who have fasted as a tool to access their deeper selves, to cleanse the body and purify the mind. This has a strong effect on us as we open to a deeper connection within and without.

Our entire digestive system, our colon in particular is designed to process solid wastes from the foods we ingest.  Overall health is largely about our digestive systems functioning optimally.   A lifetime of improper eating habits, environmental pollution, medicinal drugs and various other lifestyle factors have contributed to an accumulation of poisons in the organs and tissues of the body.  In most people, the colon has become clogged with impacted dried mucus, undigested food, inorganic chemicals which not only inhibits digestion and normal bowel movements but also causes toxication of the bloodstream which is the primary cause of disease and degeneration of every organ in the body.  


Purify and stimulate

Cleansing or fasting is our body’s natural way of removing or purging itself of poisons.  Fasting purifies the blood, regenerating and rebalancing all vital functions in the body.  Digestive functions use a large amounts of energy and enzyme power in our daily life and fasting diverts this energy to detoxification and healing. During fasting, each and every one of the internal organs detoxifies itself, while digestive enzymes travel throughout the system digesting damaged cells, tumours, deeply impacted mucus, crystallised spurs on the joints and inflammation.  Fasting also stimulates growth hormone secretion from the pituitary gland which is the most powerful healing and regeneration hormone for the specific purpose of repairing damage to the organs and tissues as part of the healing process.  

Periodically one needs to cleanse in order to protect health, promote vitality and prolong life.  There is no substitute for fasting as it is nature’s method to cure disease at the root source which always involves toxicity. Fasting, yogic cleansing practices, breathing, bodywork, massage and exercise all assist the process of deep tissue detoxification and is more important than ever.  Every drug, preservative and artificial additive you have ever ingested has triggered a major secretion of mucus which is now impacted on the walls of your colon and cannot be removed simply by eating pure foods.  One has to rehydrate and loosen the solid waste from the colon and bowel lining.

Your own body will then naturally do the rest of the detox work through your blood, lymph, hormones and enzymes.  But we do need to allow sufficient time for the natural system to take over.  Three to seven days is usually enough to kick start you on your own journey of healing.  

Gain clarity, balance and health

Many people come on our retreats thinking that they will lose weight and get some rest and get strong but the effects are far reaching. They do lose weight, they do get strong and fit but mostly they find a clarity that they had not thought was possible.  One can’t really know what real clarity, balance and health is while the body is full of toxins.  Once the body is clean and clear, the mind follows and you will have full knowledge of this.

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